Newcomer Wine And Dessert

Saturday, Jan 20, 7 pm

Join Us

New to All Souls or simply desire to become more connected at All Souls? You’re invited to a night of wine and dessert. Registering is your RSVP so that we can plan accordingly!

With limited time on Sunday mornings, sometimes it can be hard to meet more than a few people. Or maybe you want to stick your toe a little deeper in the water before venturing to one of the Community Groups. We get it - and we want to provide a fun, hospitable way to help you make these valuable relational connections.

We want everyone who chooses to worship at All Souls to have a group of friends for support and encouragement, and we want to provide spaces for those friendships to start and/or grow...this dessert night is one of those spaces. This is a casual, drop-in event, but please sign up with the link below so that we can get you the address and plan accordingly!

186 Lamont Dr.
Decatur, GA 30030