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Women’s Summer Study - Present over Perfect


June 14, 21 & 28, 7:30 pm

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At the home of Susanna Schmidt
Come join us as we follow Shauna’s Niequist’s journey away from frantic performance-based living and the quest for perfection and towards a whole, authentic, and grace-filled way of relating to God, ourselves, and others. You can get your own copy of the book and read sections 1 and 2 (through p.94–don’t be intimidated; it’s a quick and enjoyable read!) in preparation for our first meeting. Come join us for fellowship, book discussion, and encouragement as we engage with these ideas together.

Purchase book by following link below:


Women's Retreat - Save the Date


Sept. 29 - Oct. 1

The 2017 Women’s Retreat is scheduled for September 29-October 1 in Madison, GA. Join us for a weekend away to rest, retreat, and refuel with other All Souls women. Watch for more details–RSVP coming soon.

Men's Retreat - Save the Date


November 3-5

Camp Gravatt in Aiken, SC from Nov. 3-5 for a weekend of fun, retreat and rest. Watch for more details–RSVP coming soon.

Frozen Meal Drive



Lets Fill the Freezer!

In addition to providing hot meals for those in our body who are experiencing a time of crisis or a new addition to their family, All Souls likes to also keep meals in our freezer for those who find themselves in a time of sudden or unexpected need. We also like to have some on hand to help fill in meal schedules when there are multiple calendar needs at once. At the moment our freezer is empty and in need of refilling. So, we are initiating a frozen meal drive.

Some time during the course of this month, simply double what you are planning to prepare for you or your family–and freeze it for the All Souls freezer!  The next time you head to church you can bring it, and put it in the freezer in the kitchen. Be sure to label your meal as to what it is and instructions for reheating/cooking.

(Learn more about our Meal Ministry.)

Thank you for serving our body and the community in this way.


Sunday Volunteers Needed


Urgent Need for Ongoing Positions

Join Us

To be a part of All Souls is to live a life of serving. This begins within the church as each week people dive into serving in children’s ministry, greeting, helping set up, or even making coffee. We truly exist as a church because of our volunteers.

It is from this discipline of serving that we are then able to love our communities, our city, and our world well.

It takes over 200 volunteers to make Sunday morning happen for the year, but many positions only require serving once a month! (Sunday School teachers serve twice per month.)