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Ways We Serve Globally

We’re excited to help local leaders in the field because we feel they are the best equipped to reach their neighbors. Please read our missionary profiles to find out more about what they are doing. Also, go HERE to find out how to support and encourage our Global Partners.



Our Global Partners We Support:

Dominican Republic: Emma Burge



Emma Burge is called to be an elementary school teacher at Doulos Discovery School in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic. Emma first felt called to missions during a short-term mission trip in high school. As she pursued a degree in Early Childhood Education, she knew she wanted to find a way to do both missions and teaching. This path led her to Doulos and to the Dominican Republic.

Doulos Discovery School is a Christian, English-immersion school that is built on the mission of developing servant leaders who will one day be the revolutionary leaders of the Dominican Republic. The need for better schools in the Dominican Republic is great. Most public schools only meet for 3-4 hours a day and have 50 students for every 1 teacher. Doulos is working to change this. The school provides high-quality, low-cost education for students of all socioeconomic statuses.

As a teacher Emma is expected to teach a normal curriculum while also discipling her students and teaching them about who God is. Emma will also be an active member of the community in Jarabacoa and have the opportunity to continue to be involved with Young Life in the Dominican Republic. Please pray that Emma will be used in the lives of her students and in the community around her. If you would like to learn more about what Emma is doing, you can reach her at

France: Suzy Grumelot


World Team


Suzy Grumelot is a graduate of William Tyndale College (Detroit, MI) and has served with World Team in urban church planting in France for the past 30+ years. She moved into Central Paris in 2011, taking responsibility for "The Paris Project," a new initiative in innovative church planting in the heart of the "city of lights." With French partners a new church was birthed in 2012 in the 6thdistrict (near the Latin Quarter). Another French church-planting team is headed to the 15th district, so she’ll be researching where the next team should go in the coming year. This means lots of networking, prayer and continued mentoring/discipleship with people who’ve come to Christ.

Her field responsibilities include serving in recruiting and short-term ministries for the France Team, and assisting the Europe Resource team dealing with resource sharing, mobilization and deployment issues on World Team’s European fields. She’s also serves on the executive committee of Shoulder to Shoulder, an inter-missional initiative that provides tools for mission agencies for training singles and marrieds working on teams.

Missiologists now call post-christian Europe "the dark continent." Suzy writes, “In the midst of both hostility and indifference to the Gospel, we’ve seen people come to Christ each year, and new churches birthed. It’s a privilege to watch God transform hearts in such a tough place.”

In her spare time she enjoys reading, listening to music, visiting museums, concerts (all types), theatre, long walks, discovering unusual shops and tea salons, but mostly deep fellowship, heart-to-heart chats, the first day of every season….and time with her nieces and nephews.

Guatemala: The Huizenga Family


Pray America

Since fall 2008, Tammy has been working with the Pray America team in the mountains of Guatemala. With a background in Finance, Tammy has a passion for helping people become self-sustainable, while at the same time, sharing the love of Christ. Most recently, Tammy has helped the Pray America team partner with Bethany Christian Services and launch a family sponsorship program in Guatemala. Tammy works closely with a team of Guatemalans and together, they build relationships with sponsored families through tears, love and laughter. Rylee joined the family and Pray America team in October 2012. God has used Rylee to open up ministry opportunities that were never imagined before.

Pray America is a Christian Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) located in Chichicastenango, Guatemala. The ministry was begun in the late 1980s and has maintained a continuous presence in Chichicastenango since 2003. Pray America operates in Guatemala as “Manos de Jesus (Hands of Jesus)."

Pray America works to share the love of Jesus in tangible and practical ways with widows and the poor living in some 40 area Mayan communities. They do this by providing housing, food, education and vocational/life skills training, employment, shoes, school supplies and discounted water filters and stoves.

These social ministries are done in cooperation with community leaders and under the supervision of Guatemalan staff. The relationships formed lead to participation in Bible studies and many have professed new life in Christ.

Look for Tammy on Instagram, ...

Honduras: The McLaughlin Family


Seth and Renee McLaughlin and their sons Gavin and Finn are called to La Ceiba, Honduras, to serve the Lord through medicine and theological education. During a trip to La Ceiba, they were struck by the great need for gospel transformation in all areas of life and knew God was drawing them to serve this city.

Renee first felt called to medical missions in seventh grade when medical missionaries spoke at her church and told of serving those in great need. Since then she has prepared for this calling by obtaining a master's in medical science and working as a physician assistant.

Seth's heart for missions was stirred by Renee when they met in college. God led him to seminary, where his passion for teaching began to line up with the overwhelming need for pastoral education in the developing world. After graduation, Seth served as an assistant pastor for All Souls Fellowship (PCA) in Atlanta, GA.

Renee helped start and continues to help run a downtown medical clinic in La Ceiba where she trains Hondurans in medical skills, providing much-needed jobs. Seth started and helps run a pastoral training school that serves existing local churches and supports church-planting efforts in La Ceiba by training new pastors and leaders.

Thailand: The Bowles Family


Mission to the World


Years ago the Bowles’ eyes were opened to the broader diversity of God’s people and the ways they could be a part of the expansion of God’s kingdom. For the past several years John and Julie have gained experience contextualizing the gospel in Bangkok, Thailand. John works as a graphic designer for a local firm and also teaches design classes at a local university. Julie has a background in counseling and education and many years of experience working with refugee families. Living and working in the city, they are both able to build relationships with Thai designers and artists—counseling and investing in them with a familiar but gospel-centered voice. Together they support and help grow the church by seeking relationships and building bridges to the church. Pray for them as they seek to proclaim the gospel to the great city of Bangkok. The Bowles have two children: Jonah and Chloe.


Thailand: The Mills Family


Mission to the World


Tim and Rhianna Mills first traveled to Bangkok in 2001 with a group from Intown Community Church in Atlanta. They spent a number of days observing the work of Mission to the World (MTW) in the city center. That initial experience, coupled with another trip the following year, led to a desire to move and join the work there. The Mills moved to Thailand in 2006 to begin life and work in urban church-planting. The Kingdom of Thailand is a beautiful, tropical country full of kind and warm people, garnering the appropriate moniker, the Land of Smiles. It's one of the world's most thoroughly Buddhist nations with this ancient religion intrinsically tied to all facets of life and Thai cultural identity. Bangkok, its capital city, teems with 14 million people and is an exotic melding of ancient tradition and modernity. The good of the city and its inhabitants stands in contrast to the corruption, sexual exploitation, poverty, and other social ills to be found there, pointing to humanity's fallen nature and our need for redemption and renewal through Jesus Christ. The MTW team in Bangkok longs to see the transformation of this great city - To see Bangkok's residents come to experience the love, mercy, and grace of God. The team works alongside Thai leaders to see urban churches started and supports gospel-centered initiatives throughout the city. Rhianna teaches at a local international school and Tim splits his time working in the arts and helping to lead worship at Grace City Bangkok. The Mills have three children: Emmalynn, Asa, and Julian...and a dog named Naamtan.

Uganda: The Reid Family



Mike and Kris Reid live and work and minister in Uganda with their four children, Zoe, Jude, Bryn and Rose. Their first three years were spent in Mukono at Uganda Christian University (UCU), where Mike serves as the Campus Architect, Director of Planning, and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Civil Engineering. Kris is a physician and has worked with several local clinics and community-based organizations to provide health care, education and training for marginalized populations in the city and the village.

While they are both still working with UCU, they have started to branch out to poorer communities and bring their combined skills in strategic planning/architecture and public health/medicine to help these communities assess their own needs and assets and to plan strategies for the best way to accomplish their own goals with minimal outside assistance.

Mike and Kris believe that true sustainable development must be rooted in biblical principals and a core knowledge of our identity as children of God. True obedience to God's will for our lives results in changed people, and changed people can change communities.

Obedience happens more freely and works better when people know the deep love that God has for each of us in Christ. Knowing each of our inherent value and having a desire to know and please God brings to light the values of love, kindness, generosity, stewardship, honesty, doing one's best and planning ahead. These are foundational for holistic sustainable development. This is where they start: working alongside church and community leaders with the express goal of modeling the gospel to draw communities into a deeper relationship with Christ.

Their organization is called MPAKA Inc. To learn more about who they are and what they are doing, and/or you wish to support them, please see their website ...