Ways We Serve Globally

All Souls believes our local and global neighbors matter. Therefore, we help support our local friends as they go abroad to serve the world. We wholeheartedly stand behind our friends that partner with urban Christian churches and non-profit organizations (NPO). We long to see the needs or our global neighbors met -  emotionally, physically and spiritually.

We’re excited to help local leaders in the field because we feel they are the best equipped to reach their neighbors. Please read our missionary profiles to find out more about what they are doing and how you can be involved.

Our Global Partners We Support:

France: Suzy Grumelot


World Team

All Souls Members, the Coirons, are representing All Souls this week at the Paris Prayer Conference 2016. While there, they will encourage our global partner, Suzy, hear from the French Leaders and Pastors about the spiritual history and needs of France, and visit different families on the Paris Team where they will hear more about the church plants in and around France. They will go on Prayer Walks, praying for current and future church sites. And they will end their week worshipping at our partner church (that Suzy helped start and attends), Chapelle de Nesle! Please pray for the conference and the beautiful city of Paris. Pray for the Coirons as they grow and learn this week - and pray that Suzy (and the whole Paris Team) will be encouraged and refreshed by their visiting prayer warriors!



Suzy Grumelot is a graduate of William Tyndale College (Detroit, MI) and has served with World Team in urban church planting in France for the past 25+ years. She moved into Central Paris in 2011, taking responsibility for "The Paris Project," a new initiative in innovative church planting in the heart of the "city of lights." With French partners a new church was birthed in 2012 in the 6thdistrict (near the Latin Quarter). Another French church-planting team is headed to the 1st district, so she’ll be researching where the next team should go in the coming year. This means lots of networking, prayer and continued mentoring/discipleship with people who’ve come to Christ.

Her field responsibilities include serving in recruiting and short-term ministries for the France Team, and assisting the Europe Resource team dealing with resource sharing, mobilization and deployment issues on World Team’s European fields. She’s also serves on the executive committee of Shoulder to Shoulder, an inter-missional initiative that provides tools for mission agencies for training singles and marrieds working on teams.

Missiologists now call post-christian Europe "the dark continent." ...

Guatemala: The Huizenga Family


Pray America

Update From Tammy's Surgery:

Many of you have been praying for Tammy, so wanted to give you an update on her recent eye surgery.


"Woohoo! Doctor appts done . . . for now! My surgeon cleared me to be able to pick up my daughter again and lift suitcases!! We leave June 8 to go back to Guatemala and my doc drew a picture to explain how to remove the tube in 5 weeks that is reconstructing my tear duct so I'm hoping someone in Guate can remove that. He left the stitches in to help the wound be reinforced and stay strong. Thank you for ALL the prayers and encouragement! More appts coming this fall, but ready to hit the road again!"

Honduras: The McLaughlin Family


More about the McLaughlins:

Seth and Renee McLaughlin and their son Gavin are called to La Ceiba, Honduras, to serve the Lord through medicine and theological education. During a trip to La Ceiba, they were struck by the great need for gospel transformation in all areas of life and knew God was drawing them to serve this city.

Renee first felt called to medical missions in seventh grade when medical missionaries spoke at her church and told of serving those in great need. Since then she has prepared for this calling by obtaining a master's in medical science and working as a physician assistant.

Seth's heart for missions was stirred by Renee when they met in college. God led him to seminary, where his passion for teaching began to line up with the overwhelming need for pastoral education in the developing world. After graduation, Seth served as an assistant pastor for All Souls Fellowship (PCA) in Atlanta, GA.

The McLaughlin's vision is for Renee to help start a downtown medical clinic in La Ceiba and eventually train Hondurans in medical skills, providing much-needed jobs. Seth plans to start a pastoral training school that will serve existing local churches and support church-planting efforts in La Ceiba by training new pastors and leaders.

Italy: The Annest Family



Tommy and Sara Annest are a couple whose roots go deep in Italian culture and whose hearts beat for Italians to know Jesus. Sara is Italian from a small town near Torino in the Northwestern part of Italy. Tommy, who is a native of Atlanta, moved to Italy in 2003 to work with Operation Mobilization (OM). In 2005 they were married in Sara’s town in Italy and continued ministry in the local church community until the Lord opened the door for them to return to the United States in 2009. They have been married for ten years and have three daughters: Eliana, Melissa, and Lusia.

The last six years in Atlanta have been a time of preparation for the Annests. Tommy and Sara have been deeply enriched in their understanding of the gospel through the ministry and community of All Souls Fellowship. Tommy was also able to complete a master’s degree at Reformed Theological Seminary in Atlanta.

Though Atlanta has grown dear to them, Tommy and Sara know that the Lord has called and equipped them to serve in Italy as long-term missionaries through TEAM. They are currently preparing to answer the call that God has placed on their hearts. They will be serving at a church plant called New Hope church in Bologna. Their heart is in sharing Christ, discipling young believers, and developing leaders in the church.

Many Italians call themselves Christians, but very few understand the Gospel. Sadly most consider Christianity irrelevant to their lives. Tommy and Sara’s desire is to see the Spirit of God open their eyes and hearts to the hope and joy of knowing Jesus Christ.

The Annests hope to launch January 2017.

Thailand: The Bowles Family


Mission to the World

"In cities you have more Image of God per square inch than anywhere else in the world." Tim Keller

During an internship in Bangkok, Thailand. John and Julie were amazed at the immensity of the city, but more so by its need for workers to share the gospel. So many image bearers yet so few who knew Jesus!

God began to draw John to missions when he worked in a Christian youth hostel in Amsterdam. There his eyes were opened to the broad diversity of God's people and ways God could use him.

Julie has a background in counseling and education. She also has many years of experience working with refugee families. God has shaped her heart to work cross culturally, and Bangkok seems an ideal city in which to serve.

The Bowles hope to bring their talents and passions to the great city of Bangkok to join the work of a new church plant downtown. There they will support and help to grow the church through relationship building, discipleship, and illuminating the gospel through the arts. They will explore the potential for a tent-making venture as John seeks to employ his graphic design abilities within a business as mission model.

Jonah (6/27/11)

Thailand: The Mills Family


Mission to the World

Tim and Rhianna Mills had the opportunity to participate in short-term work in 2001 with Mission to the World (MTW) in Thailand, and this led them to a place where they felt called by to God to serve long-term ministry there. They moved to Thailand in 2006 to begin life and work in urban church planting.

Thailand is the most thoroughly Buddhist nation in the world, with this religion intrisincally tied to cultural identity for Thai people, Bangkok, its capital city, teems with 14 million people and is a melding of ancient tradition and modern technology. The beauty of the city and its people stands in contrast to the corruption, sexual exploitation, poverty and other social ills to be found there, pointing to the fallen nature of man and the need for redemption through Jesus Christ.

The MTW team in Bangkok seeks the transformation of that great city, working with indigenous Thai leaders to plant city churches that will impact their country for Christ. The Mills seek to work out this calling in many arenas, including Tim's gifting as an artist to engage those in the creative realm and share with them the truths of the gospel. Please pray for the Mills family as God uses them to accomplish His work in Bangkok.

Emmalyn (06/20/03), Asa (09/01/06), Julian (01/07/09)

Uganda: The Reid Family



Mike and Kris Reid live and work and minister in Uganda with their four children, Zoe (16), Jude (10), Bryn (8) and Rose (6). Their first three years were spent in Mukono at Uganda Christian University (UCU), where Mike serves as the Campus Architect, Director of Planning, and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Civil Engineering. Kris is a physician and has worked with several local clinics and community-based organizations to provide health care, education and training for marginalized populations in the city and the village.

While they are both still working with UCU, they have started to branch out to poorer communities and bring their combined skills in strategic planning/architecture and public health/medicine to help these communities assess their own needs and assets and to plan strategies for the best way to accomplish their own goals with minimal outside assistance.

Mike and Kris believe that true sustainable development must be rooted in biblical principals and a core knowledge of our identity as children of God. True obedience to God's will for our lives results in changed people, and changed people can change communities.

Obedience happens more freely and works better when people know the deep love that God has for each of us in Christ. Knowing each of our inherent value and having a desire to know and please God brings to light the values of love, kindness, generosity, stewardship, honesty, doing one's best and planning ahead. These are foundational for holistic sustainable development. This is where they start: working alongside church and community leaders with the express goal of modeling the gospel to draw communities into a deeper relationship with Christ.

Their organization is called MPAKA Inc. To learn more about who they are and what they are doing, and/or you wish to support them, please see their website ...